5 December 2008

The End

(What I wonder, were his thoughts and impressions training up the subcontinent to his Himalayan destiny? Once again making his Indian rounds? Or had he somehow broken the circle in his own mind? Were the sights -- and insights -- somehow fresh, touched with some wonder and grace? When came the first pain, the first premonition of something very wrong, the realization of dying? Were some last thoughts cast to California? wafted to the Sooke hills? At least that was not the end of his journey, even with the last period in this book. I doubt if that would have been news to him.

Finally, what is a father, a friend, a brother in Dhamma, to say? Perhaps, no more than the Pali word evaṃ: it is as it is. The Buddha said, 'Be lamps unto yourselves, and work out your salvation with diligence.' The Buddha was called Tathāgata: He who has come and gone. None but a Buddha wholly comes and goes. Robert Smith devoted his life to homing on that wholeness. May ours be as well. Perhaps, this is ending in the middle as well. -- Hūm)

The End

Sooke, B.C. -- December, 1989

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how many other people have been following the travels and experiences of V in this web-blog, but I have greatly enjoyed it.
It's been a part of my daily routine, and I am grateful to all the people who made it possible. V's personality and authenticity come through loud and clear - hopefully we today are carrying on this tradition (which in turn I think V felt he inherited himself from Nanavira).
I am not sure if Hum is still alive and well but if so my best wishes are also extended to him in gratitude for sharing the letters that V wrote to him.
Regards, Acha