22 June 2008

Letter 2.15

Now I am nearing the completion of the frame of the desk -- just a few more uprights, several additional braces and runners for the drawers, and the frame will be complete. The additional braces may not be really necessary, since the frame stands solid now, without shaking or wobbling in the least. No screws or nails are in it -- all the joints -- dozens of them! -- are dovetailed. Though I intend to cement them with a tube of EPOXY which has been given me, the frame is quite solid without it. What a lot of work is involved in it, however! The frame, when completed, will have approximately 50 separate pieces, all of which are dovetailed, so that means about 100 dovetails. The 45° angles proved a difficult technical problem, but I think it's solved satisfactorily. I changed the design slightly, moving both drawers over to the left side and leaving the right side open for leg room.

Recently read Tolkein's Lord of the Rings -- a marvellous work. One of the finest pieces of imaginative fiction that I've come across.

The constant threat of rain the last few days seems to aggravate the mosquitos (and some of the monks as well).

I was told the following story: A monastery once opened up a fish-and-chips shop on the side. One day a customer knocked on the door and one of the residents answered. 'Are you the fish friar?' asked the man. 'No,' replied the resident, 'I'm the chip monk.'

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