15 June 2008

Letter 2.8

The box of books finally arrived; many thanks. Unfortunately, there seem to be many titles I don't recall at all and which are of no use to me whatsoever -- and missing are a number of the books of greatest interest to me: e.g. Joyce’s Ulysses (in a dark red cover with a black title page almost worn off and which is filled with my notes), Beckett, Dylan Thomas, Eliot, Kafka's Great Wall of China, Annotated Alice, Faulkner Stories, Brooks & Warren's Understanding Fiction, Snodgrass' Heart's Needle.

On June 24th I will take my higher ordination along with the Yugoslav, the Indian, and a Sinhalese -- very international.

I have still not yet moved -- the German is forever postponing his departure and, with the waiting and unsettledness, I'm at a standstill in this kuti (and have run out of pen refills as well). He assures me, though, that he will leave before Vesak, which is May 12.

My razor-blade problem appears to be solved: I was given a new straight razor which I've learned to use and find it far superior in both speed and comfort to blades. The razor, which is made in China, is first quality steel -- good enough so that I have yet to put it to a stone; just a strop is quite enough to keep it sharp.

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