2 July 2008

Letter 2.25

While in Colombo – yes! -- I heard the radio broadcast of the moon walk and learned all the details. I might point out, however, that if one does not ignore the vast body of evidence existing in India, this was not man's first visit to the moon. When one's meditation practice reaches an advanced stage, the Buddha informs us, it is possible not only to visit the moon, but to hold he sun and moon in one's hand. From the development of my own (slight) meditational abilities I can see (not altogether clearly) the principles involved in doing this and find this statement perfectly credible. Some, however, might be disinclined to accept it. (Or, for that matter, need to make the trip.)

'Polgasduwa', by the way, is the Sinhalese name for 'Island Hermitage' although it doesn't translate into 'Island Hermitage'; 'duwa' means 'island', but 'pol'=coconut and 'gas'=tree: coconut-tree island.

'Dodun'=a citric fruit similar to an orange but with a green rind and a coarser pulp -- a fruit I've never seen west of Afghanistan, so I don't know the English name. Although there are, in fact, coconut trees on Polgasduwa, there are no 'dodan' trees within 30 miles of Dodanduwa (which, also, is not an island).

As I slowly recover from the shock of Colombo (which was very shocking indeed), and recover equilibrium and peace, I send you the sane.

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