5 August 2008

Letter 2.58

Actually I've got it all figured out now -- it's simply the altitude making me a bit giddy. But also (for nothing is really just 'simply') the sap is great I up here, flows freely providing much viriya [1], and is leaving me with a lot of time to do a lot of work on myself. I find the various scenes amusing, not presumptuous, when viewed from the proper distance (2,628'4,5", to be exact), just as I find the mountains presumptuous, not amusing, when viewed from an improper distance (anything less than 25 miles), and besides there's a big difference between being against things and being up against them. I'm against lobha, dosa, and moha [2], trying to not be up against them, and nothing else. But I've lost interest in the pharmacy of enlightenment long ago, and have failed to renew my subscription. (I used to sell Life, but I never sole Time.)

Your piece of ultimate reality arrived, my blessings to an honest postman (like what could he do with it, anyway?), and I'm closer to Thailand, not Ceylon, every day now, but there's coconuts there to, never fear, never fear. Still, even when I get there, I'm just gonna try to fine me a nice mountain, 'cause the lowlands just ain't for me. Whether to pass through, around, under or over, but neither down nor up. Perhaps just 'on'?

Lama Govinda, by the way -- will be in Vancouver, apparently, some time around the end of the year, or maybe after. Since you sang for your tea -- in Pali -- when you saw him in Almora -- maybe you'd like to try again?

Recycle wastes??! Lawdy, ain't goin' 'round once ‘nuff?! We always do end up going around twice, to say the least, but let's not make a virtue of non-necessity. Water's fine for fighting fire, if you got water (Oh! Is that what Vas is for?), but one thing you can be sure you've got if you're fighting fire, and that's fire, and as far as I know I've never met a man who had water (which, I believe, is the essence of the sotapanna [3] – viz. Ven. Ñānavīra Thera -- and not of the puthujjana [4]. This suggests a different, non-recyclable, use for wastes, does it is not? Or doesn't it?

(Look, my friend. First I hold it up at the ends of my fingers, balanced there like the egg the magician makes appear out of nowhere, and exhibits. Look, this piece of space I hold for us to examine. Now I set it down, and see how quickly it is absorbed into this table and runs out to saturate everything.)

Ho hūm,


[1] viriya: (Pali) energy
[2] lobha, dosa, moha: (Pali) greet, hatred, and delusion
[3] sotapanna: (Pali) stream-attainer (see p.11 for definition -- Hum)
[4] puthujjana: (Pali) commoner; unenlightened person

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