8 September 2008

Letter 3.28

(Few months later I got a postcard of a semi-abstract water-color evoking a Gautemala-like landscape across which floated the words THERE IS ALWAYS IN YOUR CENTER A WARM LOVE CENTER -- OPEN -- ENTER with translation in a familiar hand Local Dirty Postcard. -- Hūm)

Movement afoot! Shall return to California before crossing the Pacific to Thailand. Some possibility I may get farther north first. Shall let you know as developments develop, possibilities possibilize, opportunities opportune, unless spared them myself. There's no doubt about it -- either I will or I won't. There's no doubt about it -- I wander what is.

How 'bout you? I'm less a writer these days than a musician, less a musician than a bum. I'm not even a bum.

Watch out or you might not be too.


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