30 September 2008

Letter 3.50

I think you're right: our virtues and vices complement each other, at least in the realm of what you call scribbledehobble (I haven't yet decided what I call it, but it won't be nice). Well, I've done my half, and since you said you were starting at the other end and working forward, you will presumably be meeting me very soon in some dark volcanic tunnel somewhere. So I'd better stop and let you get on with it. But that, of course, is making a virtue of writer's block, which may not be necessary but what else can a poor lad do when he comes to feel that it's all vanity, all a useless exercise in manipulating, and all so obvious? And so poorly spelled? Even with characters killed off. Worthy Bones is overstaffed. In fact that's the problem, or part of it. Too many characters spending too much time explaining to each other a plot that's too involved and doesn't spend enough time happening, what with all the talking about it that goes on. You and me are the only ones who like the book, and I'm not so sure about me. The few others who've seen it try to find something nice to say about it. It's a good title. That Bourree Jizi plays is groovy, too. Good use of the semi-colon. Keep it up and it'll be just the right length. Not that praise would eliminate the blockage. Maybe a plunger is needed, or a roto-rooter. (Actually, though, it's not a blockage at all; it's emptiness. There's just nothing left to squeeze out except words, and there's already so many of them... Think I'll take up painting. Particularly since I ain't got no paints. Just brushes.)

Oh, I'm going on with it, atleast for a bit, but it feels flat now and dry. The dryness can be solved by soaking the mss. thoroughly in a bucket of water; but what about the flatness? Yeast? Maybe, I'll save it for Chanukah. It would go great with bitter herbs. And how can I concentrate with all those people meditating out there?

what I really need's a stringhopper.


(What's it all about, huh?
What's it all about?
What's it all about?
What's it all about?
What's it all?
What's it?

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