28 September 2008

Letter 3.48

BEAD [1]

Your miscellaneous variety (or various miscellanies) received with thanks. Bits of transparent obscuration through which I get glimpses of...what? Style? Fact? Poetry? Truth? Why did you quit the local rag? Feeling too secure? Forced to take a raise or go? Or just tired of inky thumbs? Anyway, glad your Passovers are regular. Saves the need to swallow Pax Lax. There is no coprolite at the end of the tunnel. You'll see. Or you won't.

Khomeini would hate Bab Khatmo.
Bab Khatmo would love Khomeini
Bani Sadr would try to work with both.

A few of your good solid clues as to what it's all about have been useful, but nothing more gossamer, please, as there are plenty of cobwebs here already. Aside from the odd good line (which I will steal), what's it all about? I'm beginning to wonder the same about Bones Redux. Pity...

The troglodytes are in bloom again. Pterodactyls sing their rhymic songs. Secretary birds take dictation. Sumerians cum in.


[1] In Worthy Bones, Sir Makepeace Gravenhenge, the English collector, who hires Mohel to pinch the Buddha's bones, dated his letters BEAD -- Before Enlightenment After Death. My letters to Bob were dated likewise: good luck to any chronicler of them. -- Hūm

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