3 October 2008

Letter 3.53

(More news of the world reached the Sooke hills from Suan Moke. Some of the clippings read: 'If you get unemployment down too quickly to full employment of, say, 6 percent, you will have wasted this recession,' Mother Teresa, of Calcutta, when asked if she doesn't become discouraged in her work with the destitute and dying; 'God has not called me to be successful. He has called me to be faithful.' 'What we want to achieve is a balance between gross national product and gross national happiness.' 'Calling Hussein a "schizo", Sadat expressed confidence the Jordanian monarch would join the peace process.' 'When you have a hammer in your hand everything looks like a nail. That may be the gloomiest prognosis of all.' -- Hūm)

Oh? Do you really think most of my letters are questions? Am I anything but a quest-ion? Anyway, since you're a garbage collector (or didn't you get the job? overqualified?), here's another piece of garbage for your collection. I've tried to get you a really decent collection -- a hundred pages or so of Worthy Bones -- but, it seems, without success. Too bad. It would be suitable as toilet paper, or may be suitable as part of those rolls of old paper used in India to make tubes in which to place a dose of salted peanuts (to go with the monkey that didn't come with your spitting hurdygurdy) Or...

Ever thought of writing a comic book? That might be more on my level. As for me -- ain't writ nothin' nigh unto these 3 months now, and aside from some flavorsome feelings of guilt, couldn't care less. Worthy Bones's within a hundred pages or so of the end, and slowly losing ground. The characters seem to no longer have dialogues: their talks are parallel monologues.

Did I hear St. Helen fart? Can't say I did... though, last night, a whiff of something in the air... Bad case of gas, was it? Poor old girl, being a saint and all... Just dump a few plane-loads of Nigel in 'er and that should do it.

May not be around here too much longer. The old bureaucratic boot. You may have heard of Thailand's efforts to 'repatriate' the Khymer -- it was less than successful and so now since they've got to get rid of somebody... Accordingly, my visa is being given a hassle, and then they try to get me involved in it too. We shall see... I might just ordain again and teach the bastards a lesson.

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