5 October 2008

Letter 3.55

For your various missives and hitives, too, as well as hard-to-come-by 9X12 envelopes, in one of which I'm posting another installment to be Xeroxed and thence dropped (by carrying crow) on your stump -- for these and thou, saaam... And they say that serialized fiction is out of style. Gosh, I had a list of points on which I wanted your opinion and info, and now, of course, I can't find it. I even emptied out the top half of my overflowing wastepaper bag. Not there. Well, poor old Mia Memory isn't much given to total recall, never has been, poor dear, but one of them was about the 'King Oliver on Trumpet' quote: where did it come from? It's beautiful, and if I see a chance I'll work it in, but, is it your own original, or, as it sounds, is it from Shakespear or the Bible or James Branch Cabal or something? Also, I don't know if there is any meaning to some of your names that I could have (easily) missed. Such as: Jizi (other than 'thief' in Swahili, is it involved with 'righteous'?)

Of course, if you see a place where a character isn't drawn in well, where motivation is misdirected, confusion reigns (and rains), or whatever, give me a tweak; and if you have a handle on how to set things right, give 'er a crank. Or two. Yes, actually the only major characters of your version I've killed off is the entire diplomatic corps. In this regard I may be outdoing Joyce himself, who avenged himself on an outrageous British diplomat in Switzerland by portraying him as a drunken sailor (in Ulysses). Anyway, too many characters spoil the book.

Your piece about Mohel's Spanish scam brought back memories... that I don't even have yet. Certainly a place for them in a prequel: Falangista Mohel. Mohel meets Gidgit? Mohel and Gidget Get it On with Godzilla?


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