15 October 2008

Letter 3.65

What's a falchah? Choose one and only one of the following:

a) a Turkish sweet
b) a Japanese religion
c) a Soviet official
d) a species of ginseng
e) a Yiddish word meaning 'brother-in-law on the mother's side'
f) a Hebrew word meaning 'fields of grain'
g) a Swahili word meaning 'my neighbor's garbage'
h) the sound a person makes when he tries simultaneously to gargle and spit
i) none of the above
j) all of the above, including i

Any more questions?

Motto of the month:

Gather ye hens' eggs while ye may,
for the clock it is a-tickin',
and that same egg ye seek today,
tomorrow will be chicken.

(A toss up between an Egg-McMuffin and Colonel Sanders.)

Rains. Wandering. Here and there, Walking. Sitting, Carika (in Thailand miscalled thudong -- a corruption of dhutanga) in Northern Thailand. Hills. Cool. Soon rainy season retreat. Where? up in the air, No, no, actually, I'll stay on the ground. But where? Still up in the air.

A few ideas keep arising, but instead of chewing on these old bones, I just let 'em fall.

Yes, sure, but... but what's it all about?


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