4 May 2008

Journal 26

I continued on my way, reaching the village of Opata about 4:00. Fantastic reception: everyone came to stare at me. But it was very friendly, and I have been told of some good jungle nearby. Also was told that there is not an arañña at Morawahea, where I had been heading in the belief that there was: change of plans, then; which makes my travels shorter by some days. Therefore I decided to stay the next day – today - here and look over the jungle, mostly because a friend at Island Hermitage is looking for a place to live alone, and this seems promising for him: good jungle, friendly people, not too big, the richest village in the area, etc. Some disadvantages discovered as well. But that's for Ñánasiha to decide; if he's interested. Spent the night at the local temple, which seems to have its share of corruptions of both practice - assuming there is any practice at all here - and 'doctrine', but not, apparently, more than its share. This part of Ceylon seems, in fact, rather benighted - possibly because of the many estates in foreign - i.e. English - hands, which take no interest in developing the area. Perhaps other reasons as well. I find the more important things that are happening now are internal, not external, and much more difficult to pin down. Entries will probably become shorter, but a summary of internal events at the end will be attempted…

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