11 May 2008

Journal 32

Last night, about 1:00, I awoke with a start when I realized something was nibbling my big toe of my left foot. I gave an involuntary kick, sat up, lighted the lamp, but saw nothing. My toe had a small piece of skin taken out of it, which I treated with antiseptic and went to sleep again. I was woken several more times by rustling sounds, movements, and finally lighted a candle. This was sufficient to keep the pitter-patter away from me, but I was too awake to get to sleep again. Slept several hours this afternoon as a result. I have no idea what it was. There is a kind of red and black striped cockroach which bites; perhaps a mouse. Do any kinds of lizards bite? I hope not, for I've always liked lizards and welcomed them into the room, since they eat mosquitos. I don't wish the mosquitos harm (though I do wish they would leave me alone); but if a lizard must eat them, he may as well eat the ones that would otherwise eat me. It would be unfortunate to learn that the lizard, too, will eat me. There would not be much hope left. Perhaps I will keep a pet frog…

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