11 May 2008

Letter 1.32

As for insects, the main insects at the Hermitage are ants (which get into everything and some of which bite something fierce, but otherwise are no problem), fireflies (which I like), and mosquitos (which I don't like - but we have screens on the windows, and any way the bite of the local variety does not produce a very long-lasting itch). There are almost no flies at all, though there are millions of them just across the lagoon. Perhaps flies are attracted to society. There are lots of spiders, but most of them are small and harmless. Termites produce construction problems, but otherwise are no bother. I had some once, going along the edge of the floor, but I sealed off their entrance with wax. The biggest animal problem is the dogs, who are totally untrained, extremely friendly (particularly when they are muddy), and fond of baying all night at the moon and howling at fishermen who come close to the island…

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