15 May 2008

Journal 36

Ñánasiha has not appeared; it seems, though, that he is not the one I know; for I have learned - possibly correctly - that there is a word in Sinhale which sounds like the word 'German' and has some possibly relevant meaning, but that the Ñánasiha whose arrival is imminent is not of German nationality: the one I know has lived for some years in a cave at a place called Wirawila; the one I don't know comes, apparently, not from Wirawila but from Witunawila which it turns out, is the headquarters of the leader of the sect to which this arañña belongs - it is the largest, by far, of the 3 sects in Ceylon, and also - except for the araññas, I suppose, it is the most lax, by far, in practice and discipline, disgustingly so, in fact: most of its monks are only laymen in monk robes…

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