3 May 2008

Letter 1.25

I left the island 2 weeks ago at 5:30 AM, arriving in Colombo by 8:30 AM. (On the return trip I left Colombo at 12:25 PM and arrived on the island at 6:00 PM the following day - never take a slow train in Ceylon. The distance, by the way, is 65 miles.) My passport was renewed promptly with no difficulty by a Mr. Rosenblatt, formerly of Haifa, with whom I had a pleasant chat on the subjects of Israel and cremation (a natural couple?). The visa is handled through the Ceylon Government and so that, of course, will take some months, in spite of the fact that it's only a renewal of a visa issued only 3 months ago…

'Working for a living cannot be the meaning of life, since it would be a contradiction to say that the perpetual production of the conditions of subsistence is an answer to the question about its significance, which, by the help of this, must be conditioned.'
(Kierkegaard, Either/Or)

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