21 May 2008

Letter 1.40

As for writing, I do some, but not the kind of writing you mean. Mostly involved with the Dhamma. I'm occupied more with developing equanimity as a supplementary meditation subject (my primary one being the in-and-out breaths at the tip of the nose), and find it a far better use of my time. Of the h Brahma-Vihara (nivine Abidings--mettá/loving-kindness, karuná/compassion, muditá/sympathetic joy, and upekkhá/equanimity), the Buddha speaks highest of the last, although today - and, it seems from the texts, in the Buddha's day as well – mettá or 'loving-kindness' is the most popular. People even use the word as a salutation at the end of a letter. I wonder how they would react if I signed myself, instead of 'with mettá', 'with enuanimity'? I would be delighted to receive such a letter, though I suppose most people would think it in poor taste or something.

Sometime early next month I expect to be leaving the Hermitage for an indefinite period in order to accept the invitation from another American monk - Ñánasumána - whom I haven't seen since February - to visit him in his jungle seclusion and discuss some mutual matters…

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Anonymous said...

'nivine' should be 'divine'; 'enuanimity' should be 'equanimity'.