11 April 2008

Journal 7

Afternoon - Having been exploring, it turns out that relief is possible except for the mid-part of the day, when there is no shade, there's a nice wall near the cetiya on the hill which will leave one shady side, and where there is a brisk. though sporadic, breeze and an extensive view which gives me an impression of vast aloneness and is fine for meditation - I suppose any hilltop of the sort would be. For walking about there is the sandy area of the cetiya itself. There is a flat rock, right next to the river - at the bottom of the hills - where a brook feeds the river as it bends sharply - which should be fine for meals. I'll try tomorrow. That leaves only a few hours at mid-day to deal with the mosquitos. Other natural phenomenon noted; some very fine trees (no coconut trees, though, and therefore no coconut milk), containing the odd monkey or two, and a great variety of colorful birds - parrots, cockatoos, etc., and also a handsome old rooster. The place is very extensive - miles of paths - with some very attractive spots. There must be 15 to 20 kutis, most of them falling apart through disuse.

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