23 April 2008

Journal 17

December 7, 5:00 PM - I left Udugama this morning, feeling much refreshed after a good night's rest, at about 7:00. My robes were almost dry, and quite a few shades lighter as well. (I prefer wearing the heavier robes while traveling, for they wear better and, being older, are both more dispensable and more comfortable, like shoes.) Actually the temple I stayed at rated another star - I was excellently received: the whole difficulty was my lousy attitude towards being 'wet, cold, and alone', but had I been more inclined to listen to advice (I was warned it would rain hard), it would not have happened. That, however, is past. Today it was a 9 mile walk from Udugama to Hiniduwa village along a road which gradually deteriorated as there came to be fewer estates, more hills, less people. A forest officer helped me greatly. Alms consisted largely of cakes, sweet rolls, and bananas; the sky consisted of fragments of sunshine mixed with fragments of

misty rain: almost fine. The whole day can be described as fragmentary and almost

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