3 April 2008

Chapter I: Journal 1

Chapter I

A Contemporary Journal of a Very Minor Journey

December 1, 1967 - 5:00 AM boat leaves Dodanduwa Hermitage, I go to main road and turn south. It's just becoming light, but dawn comes very fast in the tropics and it becomes light quickly. I walk until 7:00 towards Galle. All the way to Galle is an unbroken line of villages, and it's necessary to keep robe done in such a way that both shoulders are covered. With baggage, this is very uncomfortable. Baggage becomes heavy. I am carrying; 1 alms bowl; 1 light outer robe; 1 inner robe (in addition to the ones I wear); 1 upper covering for chest; 1 bathing cloth, 1 towel, and 2 handkerchiefs; a few simple medicines, candles, and a Japanese paper lantern; 3 small books; a thermos flask; sandals, razor, soap, toothbrush and paste, matches, and other assorted minor items. How does it all fit? Very tightly, very tightly.

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