24 April 2008

Letter 1.18

 …The razor blades you sent are excellent (the local ones barely get through a shave before they're dull and corroded). We are required to shave at least once every two months (face and head), and that rule suits me fine. Mundane repetitive tasks have absolutely no interest for me, and never have. That includes shaving daily.
I'm quite certain that no amount of 'Jewish education' would have made a difference in my views. I can recall specifically not believing what little I was taught as I was taught it. I remember as a Safety Boy stationed at Joy and Wildemere, I was involved in an argument with Macey P. about God - I didn't believe then and I never have. Besides, the Buddha's Teaching is not religious – at least as religion is conceived in the West. The Teaching is basically instructions on the examination of the here-now (and arc strongly opposed to any speculation, whereas a religion is in essence a speculation - you can never really be sure, as you can about your own immediate experience - I know I'm writing a letter, here and now). But - I'm not interested in criticizing other beliefs (and have much good to say about much of the Jewish tradition) - besides, you should see how Judaism is practiced in Israel - it might change your own opinions...

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