17 April 2008

Journal 14

2:30 PM - I shall probably go North. I have just learned, by the way that leeches, though perhaps rare, are to be found here; for I just removed one from my left calf. There is no pain involved in a leech bite at all: just disgust. Also the tiny wound bleeds for a long and messy time. Big dána today, and the farce of 2 days ago repeated, with a few variations on its central theme. There are monkeys in the trees outside - I've seen three: two adults and one baby clinging to one of the adults, presumably female. Other monkeys are indicated by crashes, flashes, leaps, vague figures dark between dappled leafy shadows, barely seen or not seen at all. The strange thing, though, is that the presumptive female monkey is, or at least, seems as if, perhaps – well - to be wearing short trousers. Most peculiar.

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