5 April 2008

Journal 2

7:00 - car stops; it's the car of the dentist in Galle who pulled my tooth. I accept his offer of a ride to Galle. He offers, as well, breakfast and a ride to Kottawa, where there is an arañña (forest hermitage), which is today's goal. I decline both, since it is my custom to take only one meal a day, and since I wish to walk. Ride to Galle accepted only to get beyond this long unbroken unpleasant village area, Today is new moon, when religious laymen observe the eight sílas (or precepts) of abstinence from 1/killing 2/stealing 3/incelibacy 4/lies 5/intoxicants 6/eating after midday 7/use of luxury or vain items 8/attendance on shows, dancing, etc. (This is an extension of the normal 5 precepts-1,2,4,5, plus abstinence from sexual misconduct - but not requiring total celibacy - which laymen are expected to always observe.) There are special early morning religious programs on the radio on these new - and full moon days. Surprising both how many radios are tuned into them and how loudly (though there are other stations available).

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